The 3rd Age

The 3rd Age FAQs

Why an Alternate History of the 3rd age of the Wheel of Time?

An Alternate History of the 3rd Age of the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

An Alternate History?

Yes, an alternate history. I am not interested in running a story that has already been written. I’m guessing not many players are interested in playing second fiddle to Rand, Mat and Perrin. This campaign will use the rich world and history created by Robert Jordan but will not follow the fiction.

But, isn’t Rand the Dragon Reborn?

So what? That story has been told (all 4,056,130 words of it). This will be a new story with new characters. Depending on player knowledge I may decide to keep the names of major players (IE: generals, rulers of nations, false dragons and famous performers) but only because it is easier for me from a prep standpoint. If any of the players have knowledge of the books I will change the names of the major players.

Sure, but what about previous ages?

Anything prior to Rand being born will remain static. That is history and that is part of why I want to play in this setting. Anything after 978NE is up for grabs. Like I said, I’m not interested in playing a story already written.

Alright, I’m in. Are you going to use the D&D 3rd Edition rules?

Nope. I own that book and it is far too intertwined with story of Rand Al’Thor for me to be interested in playing it again. I will probably use it for source material though.

Okay…than what system are you going to use?

I dunno, Savage Worlds maybe? I am also thinking about Legend. I’m leaning strongly toward Dungeon World actually. It could be pretty fun to set four or five players loose in Robert Jordan’s Sandbox! If you have any suggestions leave a comment below this post!

Wait a second! It looks like you chose a system. According to the previous question you haven’t picked out a system yet.

Well, for the time being I am going to use Legend. The PC Backgrounds will be easy to morph into the nations and regions of Westland and Guilds, Factions and Cults will easily become Aes Sedai, Whitecloaks, noble families and Aiel societies (and much, much more!).



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